Understanding Unit Substation Transformers

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Understanding Unit Substation Transformers

You may be confused why there are different types of substation transformers, in this instance, a unit substation transformer stands in place of a regular substation when they need to connect to switchgear typically. 

The Core Purpose:

Unit substation transformers have the same use cases as regular substation transformers. It is designed to perform a fundamental task: transforming voltage levels. Power generated at generating stations often carries high voltages over long distances to minimize transmission losses.

However, these high voltages are unsuitable for direct use in homes, businesses, and industries due to safety concerns and equipment compatibility. So, these transform the voltage to a lower amount for the distribution transformers to transform into even lower voltage for home and business use.

If you’d like to learn more about substation transformers read our other blog post! Why Substation Transformers are Needed. However, the unit substation transformer deviates from the fact that we use them when the situation requires a connection to switchgear. 

Components and Composition

  A unit substation transformer is a combination of various essential components, the main composition is the substation transformer, the primary equipment, and the secondary equipment. According to eaton.com there are two different types of unit substations. There are primary unit substations (secondary voltage 1000v and above) and secondary unit substations (secondary voltage 1000v and below).

Understanding Unit Substation Transformers

Switchgear and Circuit Breakers: 

Integral to the unit substation are switchgear and circuit breakers, responsible for controlling power flow, isolating faults, and safeguarding the distribution network from overloads and disruptions.


Transformers and associated equipment are housed in protective enclosures that shield them from environmental elements, enhancing their reliability and lifespan. Unit substations differ from regular substations in the fact that it is enclosed with the switchgear and the circuit breakers.


Unit substation transformers serve as a good alternative to normal substation transformers. If the project needs circuit breakers and switchgear, then it is a good option that is more compact than a normal substation configuration.

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