Transformer Maintenance

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Transformer Maintenance

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Take care of your transformer and it’ll take care of you. We have new power transformers for sale, but after you buy one you have to take care of it. Sometimes, we find that transformers slip into the background and get ignored. After a few years of this they die. Transformers are not cheap. It is important that you take care of yours and keep it running for the average life expectancy. Regular maintenance will help you save money.

You should periodically check your transformer. Check for rust and corrosion. Check and maintain the quality of the paint. Occasionally inspect bolts and check your transformer for leaks. When checking for weathering, brush liquid off the machine and clean it thoroughly.

Frequently check the gauges. Pay special attention to the liquid pressure gauge. It should never exceed the pressure listed on the name plate. Make sure none of the gauges are above or below normal.

Liquid samples should be tested regularly. Write down your results and track them. Having a log will help you see patterns and trends in your power usage. It will also show you seasonal conditions.

We highly recommend having spare parts on hand. It is important that you maintain the pressure of your transformer. Should a bolt or other part be malfunctioning, you should have a spare on hand to keep the pressure levels normal. This will also help save money as last minute purchases are often done wrong or in excess. Have what you need on hand.

For more specific maintenance directions check the repair directions that came with your transformer.