Substation Class Transformers




UTB sells station class transformers worldwide for a variety of applications. We deal in units as small as 1.5 MVA and as large as 60 MVA. Whatever your project need is, we are certain to have a solution.

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Substation  Transformers

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    Substation or Station Class Transformers are used in the Power Grid to step down transmission voltage to distribution voltage. Typical transmission voltage ranges are 46,000 to 161,000 volts, with typical distribution voltages being between 2,400 to 35,000 volts.

    These transformers usually range from 1.5 MVA to 60 MVA in size, with the
    majority being in the 5 MVA to 20 MVA range. Substation transformers are used in a wide range of industries, including; power generation, utility, industrial, mining, oil & gas, as well as government.

    Utility Transformer Brokers (UTB) is a supplier of Used, New, Reconditioned, and Rewound oil filled Mobile Substation transformers. UTB keeps a large supply of Mobile subs in our database that are in stock and ready to ship at a moment’s notice.



    • Full Vacuum Rated Tank
    • ANSI 70 Gray Paint
    • Fan Package
    • Non PCB Mineral Oil
    • De-Energized Tap Changer
    • Welded Cover with Handhole
    • Drain Valve & Sampler
    • Pressure Relief Device
    • Liquid Temp Gauge
    • Liquid Level Gauge
    • Pressure/Vac Gauge


    • FR3 Fluid
    • Additional Cooling Packages
    • Load Tap Changer
    • Customer Bushing Locations
    • All Copper Windings
    • Rapid Pressure Rise Relay
    • Contacts on Gauges
    • High & Low Arresters
    • Arrester Brackets
    • CT’s

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