Large truck carrying multiple Voltage Regulators


Our reconditioned regulators come with a 3 year warranty, along with the best workmanship in the industry.


• New Ansi 70 Gray Paint
• NON PCB Mineral Oil
• Siemens, Cooper, or McGraw Units
• New Gaskets
• Sold with a control
• 15-35 kV Class units
• 57kVA thru 1500 kVA Units
• Single Phase & Three Phase
• Tested before shipment
• 3 Year warranty 


Voltage regulators are used on the power grid to incrementally step up and step down voltage to make sure the desired output is maintained.

Most of the time they are located in the substation next to the transformer, but they are often times found out on the powerline as well.

They are seen in voltages ranging from 5kv to 35kv and come in sizes ranging from 57 kVA to 833 kVA. 

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