UTB Transformer technology with reconditioned reclosers.


If your looking for a lower price and lead time option for your recloser needs. Try our reconditioned units. Each recloser comes with a 3 year guarantee. 


Reclosers are used in the power grid to protect expensive equipment and trip the power off in the event of a surge, just a like a circuit breaker in your home. 

Reclosers are typically found in substation or mounted to a power pole. They are used in voltage applications ranging from 5kv to 35kv.

A large transformer with three types of equipment: power cables, circuit breakers, and voltage regulators.


• Powder Coated Tanks
• Ansi 70 Gray Paint
• NON PCB Mineral Oil
• Vacuum or Hydraulic Units
• Stainless Steel Hardware
• New Gaskets
• Sold with a control
• 15-35 kV Class units
• Tested before shipment
• 3 Year warranty 

Reclosers with two wires on it.

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