Keeping Transformers In Good Shape

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Keeping Transformers In Good Shape

Published under System Reliability
Are your transformers running smoothly?
Used transformers take work to remain in good shape. They need consistent checkups and analysis to make sure that they will continue to run smoothly. Supplying a multitude of used transformers means that we understand the work that goes into this process.

The most important thing in keeping your transformers healthy is to perform different studies to make sure that they are running at an optimal and safe capacity. We’ll cover a few of those studies below.

Load Flow Study
Effective for a system with multiple load centers this study will analyze the ability of the system to supply the connected load. The amount of lost energy is tabled, and this analysis can help to optimize settings while lowering operating costs.

Short Circuit Study
When plants expand and change, loads move and are added or subtracted. This process can lead to an increase of short-circuit currents. This is the main reason to conduct a periodic system wide short circuit study. If the short circuit capacity is greater than the capacity of the protective device, a disastrous situation exists for the workforce and equipment. This study is essential to keeping your transformers in good shape.

Harmonic Analysis
Done to prevent distortion levels that are too high, harmonic analysis can predect distortion levels for the addition of a new producing load or capacitor bank. This is essential as otherwise there may be various problems like computer interface issues, heating of machinery, failure of capacitors, and equipment damage.

We hope that you are performing these checks on your used power transformers to keep your equipment up and running smoothly. For more information on transformer studies and analysis read this brochure here.