How Does a Transformer Work?


How Does a Transformer Work?

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Transformers are commonly held items. You see them all over the place. You see transformers in neighborhoods and by office buildings. They are hoisted up high on poles and planted into the ground in a green box. You’ve been passing transformers for as long as you can remember but do you know how one works?

You know transformers have something to do with electricity because it says “warning high voltage” on the transformer itself. Transformers change the voltage from the power line from high to low so you can use it in your home or office.

When electricity leaves a power plant it has a voltage between 155,000 to 765,000, give or take. You can’t just run that into your house. That would be extremely dangerous. The electricity is broken down by transformers over long distance lines until it reaches you. When electricity reaches the transformer in your neighborhood it usually sits around 7,200. The small transformer in your neighborhood breaks it down yet again to around 220-240. Machines like air conditioning and stove tops require 220-240 volts. Most electrical appliances need 110-120 volts.

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