Basics Of Transformer Types

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Basics Of Transformer Types

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What Do The Basic Transformer Types Actually Do?
To provide an inside look into our business today we are going to cover the basics of different transformer types that make our electric system run. We’ll cover the basic types of transformers that we sell on a normal basis.

1. Pole Mounted Transformers
Mounted on top of utility poles these transformers have distribution lines that are usually located at ground level or underground. Built to power supply rural areas, facilities away from infrastructure, and pumping stations below 30kV these transformers help the voltage to work well over long distances or change in energy requirements. Next time you are in a rural area look on the telephone poles and you’ll see a few of these hanging around.

2. Pad Mounted Transformers
Similar to pole mounted transformers these transformers transport energy and but are mainly used in residential and commercial areas as opposed to rural areas, and facilities that are away from infrastructure. As they are almost always oil filled these transformers must be mounted outside only. Typically these transformers are on the ground on top of concrete; however, new developments have lead to the single phase transformer which can be mounted on any hard ground surface. Constructed mainly in public areas, these transformers are built to certain safety specifications that generally are the same around the country (i.e: must be 8 feet or more away from the building it is powering).

Next time we will cover the basics of used power transformers and surplus transformers that we also sell. Hopefully the basics of these transformers gives you a better idea of what we work with here at Utility Transformer Broker.