5 Crazy Transformer Malfunctions

5 Crazy Transformer Malfunctions

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You definitely don’t want this to happen to your transformers
As dealers for used transformers, we take it very seriously when looking over our products to make sure that the product is quality, will work properly, and be as safely as possible when operating. Sometimes, mother nature just isn’t willing to work with what mankind has built. To prove our point, we found some videos of transformers exploding.

1. A liquid-filled padmount transformer blows during an electrical fault:

2. An overloaded transformer explodes
(Watch from 1:10 to get to the malfunction)

This overloaded transformer blows–causing an arc and fire. As stated in the description of the video, the cameraman was about 3 meters from the transformer. Check out this video for the footage of the transformer afterwards.

3. Transformer explodes during wedding

We’re guessing the bride probably wasn’t too happy about this.

4. Transformer blows in southeast Portland

5. Transformers blow all over in Fort Worth

Although we don’t see it up close, it is eerie to see all these transformers go all at once.

As an end note, we are very aware of the dangers of working with electricity. As brokers of used transformers, please be safe and be aware of OSHA guidelines when working with any electrical equipment. Feel free to check out our site and give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about our products.

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